14k OG tennis Chain

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Our signature 4 prong OG traditional diamond tennis chain collection includes a variety of sizes and lengths for all different styles and budgets weather it's our 2mm option or 4mm option everything shines bright with vivid reflections and tones from the multifaceted cuts of each individual hand picked diamond. We only use SI1 to VS1 clarity and F-H color quality diamonds to ensure the best luster for the best price please inquire for any off sizes you may not see available any and every size is available on order if you do not see it online...

Note: all weights may vary due to every item being hand made.


2mm                               3mm                               4mm

16 inches 13gr 5.00ct     16 inches 18gr 13.00ct   16 inches 21gr 24.00ct 

18 inches 15gr 6.00ct     18 inches 20gr 15.00ct    18 inches 23gr 27.00ct 

20 inches 16gr 6.00ct      20 inches 23gr 17.00ct    20 inches 26gr 30.00ct

22 inches 18gr 7.00ct      22 inches 25gr 18.00ct    22 inches 29gr 33.00ct

24 inches 20gr 7.00ct      24 inches 27gr 20.00ct    24 inches 31gr 36.00ct

26 inches 21gr 8.00ct      26 inches 29gr 22.00ct    26 inches 34gr 39.00ct

28 inches 23gr 9.00ct      28 inches 32gr 23.00ct    28 inches 36gr 42.00ct

30 inches 24gr 9.00ct      30 inches 34gr 25.00ct    30 inches 39gr 45.00ct

32 inches 26gr 10.00ct    32 inches 36gr 27.00ct    32 inches 42gr 48.00ct