How to shop for the right engagement ring!!!!!

Posted by Danny Zhanay on

So often i get calls from clients and they have no idea what to shop for or how to shop for engagement rings they 90% of the time are miss informed or pumped with bullshit sales tactics from retailers who only want to make that monthly quota to score their bonus commission. Look try to find someone who has gone through this someone who can refer you to a jeweler of confidence (yes they do exist) if a jeweler is pressuring you to buy or goes from 10k to 4k in a matter of 30 min chances are your being duped take your time have a budget set and know whether your looking for quality in clarity or/and color or if your looking to sacrifice both for size its all in the BUDGET... stay away from large retailers or fancy store front jewelry stores they jack up their prices so high its insane look for the smaller mom and pop shops the private offices the smaller outfits are where you can find great deals but more than anything do not rush learn and get educated in the end its an investment probably one of the biggest ones in your life.. remember BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET is key know what you will or want to spend rule of thumb is usually 3 months of salary or wages.