14k Tennis bracelet

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14k diamond tennis bracelet unisex 4 prong hand set with under tucked box lock available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm width in various sizes customizable if your desired size is not available please message for desired size and quote any sizes under the standard smallest size online are same price anything larger than the largest size posted online price will increase due to added gold and diamond weight. All weights are approximate and may vary because all items are hand made..

2mm                                  3mm                                4mm

7 inches 7gr 2.00ct            7 inches 10gr 7.00ct        7 inches 11gr 11.00ct

8 inches 8gr 3.00ct            8 inches 11gr 7.00ct        8 inches 12gr 12.00ct

9 inches 9gr 3.0ct              9 inches 12gr 8.00ct        9 inches 13gr 14.00ct


7 inches 14gr 18.00ct

8 inches 15gr 20.00ct

9 inches 16gr 23.00ct